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N E W =A C Q U I S I T I O N S

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August Mosca

Subway No. 3, lithograph, c. 1950

Max Weber

Prayer, linoleum cut, 1920

Feast of Passover, woodcut, 1920

Large Primitive Head in Profile, woodcut, 1920-21

Primitive Figure, woodcut, 1921-25

Nude Woman with Arm Upraised, linoleum cut, 1921-25

George Rogers

Sculpturegraph, relief print, 1984

William Robinson Leigh

Foul Rope (Left), etching, c. 1920

Benton Spruance

Design for America No. 2, lithograph, 1935

Paul Landacre

Laguna Cove, wood engraving, 1935

Hill, wood engraving, 1936

Lawrence Kupferman

Fantasia American – 1880, drypoint with sandground, 1943

Bernard Steffen

S Curve, lithograph, 1940

David Burke

Industrial Works, color serigraph, c. 1937

Stow Wengenroth

Annisquam Light, lithograph, 1941

Albert Heckman

Bridge at Poughkeepsie, lithograph, c. 1937

Eli Jacobi

D-Day, linocut, 1951

Paul Landacre

Vengeance, wood engraving, 1942

Werner Drewes

Harlem Beauty, woodcut, 1930

Harlem River, woodcut, 1930

New Towers, woodcut, 1931

New Rochelle – Before the Wind, drypoint, 1931

Composition IX – Crescents, woodcut, 1934

Charles Quest

Two Women, color woodcut, 1947

Elizabeth Catlett

Survivor, linocut, 1983

Jackson Lee Nesbitt

December Afternoon, lithograph, 1993

Paul Landacre

2506 El Moran, wood engraving, 1932

Louis Conrad Rosenberg

Mosque of the Sultan Bay Azid, Constantinople, drypoint, 1927

Philip Ayer Sawyer

Untitled (Strange Fruit), lithograph, crayon with tusche, c. 1935

Jean-Emile Laboureur

La Receveuse, engraving, 1919

Sam Glankoff

Quartet, woodcut, c. 1920s

Joseph Pennell

The Woolworth Building, etching, 1915

Louis Lozowick

Angry Clouds (Andante Cantabile), lithograph, 1935

Sylvia Mayzer Rantz

Ninth Inning, lithograph, 1949

Isac Friedlander

Warming Up, etching, 1935

Bernard Brussel-Smith

Allen Street El, chiaroscuro wood engraving, 1941

Stanley William Hayter

Greeting Card for 1945-6 (1st and 3rd states), engraving, and soft-ground etching, 1945

Greeting Card for 1947-48, engraving, and scorper, 1947

Greeting Card for 1948-9, engraving, soft-ground etching, and scorper, 1948

Feu Sous l'Eau (Fire Under Water), engraving, soft-ground etching, and scorper, with silkscreen, 1955

Joseph Hecht

Untitled (Predators and Prey), engraving, 1928

Untitled (Predators and Prey II), engraving, c. 1930

Edward Borein

New Bucking Horse, etching, c. 1916

Leroy Walter Flint

Strike Breakers, etching, 1937

Carl Rungius

Stampede, etching, 1925

Daniel R. Celentano

Untitled (Strike Breakers), pencil, c. 1934

Untitled (Subway), pencil, c. 1935

Boris Artzybasheff

The Last Trumpet, wood engraving, 1937

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

En Plein Soleil, etching, 1858

Samuel L. Margolies

Man's Canyons, aquatint and etching, 1936

Karl Eugene Fortess

Untitled (The Artist and Francis Pratt Museum Going), Tusche lithograph, c. 1937

Otto Kuhler

The Furnace, drypoint, 1924

Boris Lovet-Lorski

Untitled #2 (Landscape with Figure), lithograph, 1929

Untitled #3 (Male Nude), lithograph, 1929

Camille Billops

I Am Black, I Am Dangerously Black, etching and aquatint, 1973

Charles Elmer Harris (Beni E. Kosh)

Central Railroad, watercolor, c. 1945

William Thon

Island Fisherman's Houses, watercolor, c. 1950

Upper Tuscany, watercolor, c. 1950

In The Woods, watercolor, c. 1950

Alongside, watercolor, c. 1950

The Ruby R, watercolor, c. 1950

Josef Albers

Segments, linocut, 1935

Interim, lithograph, 1942

Interlinear K50, lithograph, 1962

Samuel Margolies

Eaton's Landing, color etching and aquatint, c. 1937

Anton Refregier

Deaths of Castillo and Calvo Sotelo (Spanish Civil War), lithograph, c. 1936

Lou Barlow

On the Beach, wood engraving, c. 1937

Robert Blackburn

Abstraction 1, lithograph, c. 1950

Abstraction 2, lithograph, c. 1950

Hayley Lever

English Farmhouse, watercolor and conté crayon, 1910

Beatriz Vidal

Song for the New Day, colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, c. 1990

Conference of the Birds, watercolor, gouache, 1998

Christmas Night, watercolor, gouache, c. 2000

Charles Elmer Harris (Beni E. Kosh)

6th City Wire Works, watercolor, c. 1950s

Untitled (African Idol), watercolor, c. 1950s

Gustaf Tenggren

Revival, lithograph, 1939

John Sloan

Swinging in the Square (In the Park), etching, 1912

Harry Bertoia

Untitled Abstraction, monoprint, c. 1940

August Mosca

Elevated Structure, lithograph, c. 1950

John S. deMartelly

Blue Valley Fox Hunt, lithograph, 1936

Harry Gottlieb

Nor Rain Nor Snow, color serigraph, 1937

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Little Arthur, etching and drypoint, 1857-58

Camille Billops

Mondo Negro lll, color etching, 2000

John Biggers

Learning to Read, lithograph, c. 1960

Carl G. Hill

KKK Lynching, lithograph, c. 1937-38

Dox Thrash

Young Girl Reading, watercolor, pen & ink, c. 1940

Albert Potter

Modern Music, linoleum cut, 1933-1936

George Josimovich

Commuters, linoleum cut, 1922-1923

Clare Leighton

Fat Stock Market, wood engraving, 1933

Elizabeth Olds

Quartette, lithograph, c. 1940

Harlem River Bridges, serigraph, 1940

Robert Vale Faro

Kaf With, color lithograph, 1945

Abama Too, color lithograph, 1945

Dialogue Erudite , color lithograph, 1945

Going My Way?, lithograph, 1946

Sylvan Maze, color lithograph, 1946

Doctor Faustus, color lithograph, 1946

Easter Sunday, color lithograph, 1946

Petrouchka's Predicament, color lithograph, 1946

Lynd Ward

Priests, mezzotint, 1943

Dogs of War, mezzotint, 1943

Pope, mezzotint, 1943

Doctor, mezzotint, 1943

Judges, mezzotint, 1943

Rockwell Kent

Starry Night, wood engraving, 1933

Dale Nichols

Golden Harvest, lithograph, 1948

Stow Wengenroth

Manhattan Gateway, lithograph, 1948

Charles Quest

Work Bench, wood engraving, 1949

Louis Lozowick

Mural Study: Lower Manhattan, lithograph, 1936

Winter Fun, lithograph, 1940

Hayley Lever

Corinthian Yacht Club, Marblehead, Mass, watercolor, c. 1925

John Sloan

Frankie and Johnnie, etching, 1928

Paul Landacre

Sultry Day, wood engraving, 1935

George Bellows

A Stag at Sharkey's, lithograph, 1917

Stow Wengenroth

Grand Central, lithograph, 1949

Robert Riggs

Psychopathic Ward, 2-color lithograph, c. 1940

Kerr Eby

Sand and Sea, Cape Cod, etching, 1929

Hungerfrod Bridge, London, etching and sandpaper ground, 1930

Two Bridges, etching, 1930

Shipping, etching, 1932

Little Franklin, etching and sandpaper ground, 1937

Shark Rock, etching and sandpaper ground, 1941

Luigi Rist

Roses #2, color woodcut, 1945

Martin Lewis

Spring Night, Greenwich Village, drypoint and sand ground, 1930

Donald Vogel

Greenly Square - Demolition of the 6th Avenue El, lithograph, c. 1939

Howard Cook

Brooklyn Bridge, lithograph, 1949

John Tarrell Scott

Storm's Coming, woodcut, 1992

Storm's Coming #2, woodcut, 1992

Storm's Coming #3, woodcut, 1992

St. George, woodcut, 1992

Herman Volz

Industrial Accident, lithograph, 1942

Rockwell Kent

The Bather, wood engraving, 1931

Emil Ganso

Summer Night Central Park, drypoint, 1929

Gustave Baumann

Summer Rain, color woodcut, 1926

Charles Banks Wilson

Old Injun, lithograph, 1948

Grant Wood

In the Spring, lithograph, 1939

Benton Spruance

From the Sea, lithograph, 1943

John Rogers Cox

Wheat Shocks, lithograph, 1951

Benton Spruance

Nero, lithograph, 1944

Paul Landacre

Monday, wood engraving, 1934

William Walcot

Lower Manhattan (The Woolworth Building, New York), etching and drypoint, c. 1923

Federico Castellon

Spanish Landscape, lithograph, 1938

By the Arks, lithograph, 1941

John Marin

Pont Neuf, Paris, etching, 1905

Lyonel Feininger

Warfleet, 1 (Kriegsflotte, 1), woodcut, c. 1919

John Taylor Arms

Downtown, New York, etching with aquatint, 1921

Nicholas Panesis

Negro, color lithograph, 1937

Rockwell Kent

Sea and Sky, wood engraving, 1931-32

John Marin

Sailboat, etching, 1932

Gerald Geerlings

Black Magic, etching and aquatint, 1929

Howard Cook

Chrysler Building, wood engraving, 1930

William Walcot

Brooklyn Bridge, etching and drypoint, 1923