N E W =A C Q U I S I T I O N S

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Louis Lozowick

Storm Clouds Over Manhattan, lithograph, 1935

Nicholas Panesis

Negro, color lithograph, 1937

George Elbert Burr

Evening, Navajo Country, Arizona, drypoint and etching, c.1929

Samuel Chamberlain

Manhattan Old and New, drypoint, 1929

Lyonel Feininger

Off the Coast, Stone 3 (Vor Der Kuste, Stein 3), lithograph, 1949

Jackson Lee Nesbitt

Tapping A Steel, etching, 1937

Teeming Ingots, etching, 1938

Hot Metal (Holding Crucible), etching, 1939

November Evening, etching, 1946

Benton Spruance

Set Pieces, Vanity of Trust, lithograph, 1949

Dorie Marder

Trio, serigraph, 1945

Robert Vale Faro

Untitled (African Idol), serigraph, c 1940

Bullfight, wood engraving, 1945

Among Friends, lithograph with relief collagraph, 1945

Hold that Tiger, lithograph with relief collagraph, 1945

Untitled (Great Bear), lithograph with relief collagraph, c 1945

Cheerleader, wood engraving, 1945

Going My Way?, lithograph with relief collagraph, 1946

Family Life, lithograph with relief collagraph, 1946

Magic Carpet, lithograph with relief collagraph, 1946

Bird Dog, lithograph with relief collagraph, 1946

Rockwell Kent

Sea and Sky, wood engraving, 1931-32

Margaret Jordan Patterson

The White Rose, color woodcut, c. 1922

John Marin

Sailboat, etching, 1932

Douglas Gorsline

Brooklyn Local, etching, 1945

Express Stop, etching, 1948

Gerald Geerlings

Black Magic, etching and aquatint, 1929

Paul Landacre

Verdi, wood engraving, 1936

Armin Landeck

Manhattan Vista, drypoint, 1934

Paul Cadmus

Stewart's, etching, 1934

Coney Island, etching, 1935

Howard Cook

Chrysler Building, wood engraving, 1930

William Walcot

Brooklyn Bridge, etching and drypoint, 1923

Martin Lewis

Rainy Day, Queens, drypoint, 1931

Elizabeth Catlett

I am the Black Woman, linocut, 1946-47

I'm Harriet Tubman, I helped hundreds to freedom, linocut, 1947

My right is a future of equality with other Americans, linocut, 1947

Anni Albers

Line Involvement II, lithograph, 1964

Paul Landacre

Smoke Tree Ranch, wood engraving, 1932

Mozart, wood engraving, 1935

Brahms, wood engraving, 1935

Schubert, wood engraving, 1936

Pelican, wood engraving, 1939

John Taylor Arms

Limoges, etching, 1932

Grant Wood

Shrine Quartet, lithograph, 1939

Samuel Chamberlain

Soaring Steel, drypoint, 1929

Armin Landeck

Manhattan Nocturne, drypoint, 1938

Rockwell Kent

Bowspirit, wood engraving, 1930

Louis Lozowick

Winter Fun, lithograph, 1940