Keith SheridanKeith Sheridan grew up with a deep love of drawing and painting; his mother was an accomplished amateur painter and her two sisters were both painting instructors. As a young boy he enjoyed studying the work of the masters, saving his allowance to buy art books.

Pursuing his artistic interests he attended Pratt Institute, earning a BFA with honors. After working for two years as a graphic designer, he opened his own design studio. During his 25 years in that business his work for not-for-profit organizations and national and international corporations won over 35 prestigious awards for excellence from the country's major design organizations.

Sheridan's love of art resulted in a passion for collecting, first of Japanese prints and later American and European prints. The graphic quality of the print mediums appealed to his appreciation of fine design and technical precision. His enjoyment of collecting led him to retire from the design business and devote himself fulltime to buying and selling art. A private dealer specializing in the first half of the 20th century, he is dedicated to offering works of exceptional quality and artistic merit. - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - - 8 4 3 . 4 2 7 . 4 9 3 4